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Top 5 Indian Holidays for 2020

Where did the past year fly by? That seems to be the question most of us ask ourselves at the end of every other year. Time is whooshing by and the way that we can make it all count is by stockpiling the adventures.

Hold your horses because our blog post on the Best Indian Holidays for 2020 has got you covered. If you’re looking to travel at length in India then we’re bringing the most incredible adventures to your digital doorstep.

1) Golden Triangle & Cruising the Brahmaputra

First time to India? Then you’ll want to take in all our best highlights. Pair these with one of India’s most unique adventures – the Brahmaputra river cruise and you’ve got yourself the holiday of a lifetime. This journey begins with our bustling capital city of Delhi as all of your senses are involved in taking in the sights, smells and sounds.

Of course, no first visit to India is complete paying homage to the iconic Taj Mahal along with the royal forts and palaces of Rajasthan.

taj mahal, rajasthan, agra, golden triangle, best journeys of 2020
The iconic Taj Mahal

The icing on this journey is the Brahmaputra River Cruise. One just can not get enough of the snow-covered peaks of the Mount Gorichen and Mount Kangto. Apart from the jaw-dropping views, the cruise offers adventure, insight into cultures, an in-depth look at the rich flora and fauna, exploration of ancient temples and monasteries and extensive insight into the local folklore. 

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Witness 7000m high Himalayan peaks from the MV Mahabaahu deck

It was recently featured in The Telegraph as one of the 40 best river cruise holidays in the world.

The World of Cruising also did a feature on the trip down the mighty Brahmaputra, calling the  River one of the most exciting waterways in the world. Jane Archer, the popular travel writer, fondly recalls one of her experience while cruising onboard MV  Mahabaahu” I climbed into one of the stilt houses, learned to cook egg pakodas and posed with young Indians for whom westerners are still a novelty”.

A recent highlight has also been the Cruise Critic doing a four-page feature on the cruise. For the other articles please visit the Media Mentions page.

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2) Safari & Festivals – A Ladakh Adventure

Driving through the breathtaking landscape of Rohtang Pass and Lachung Pass to reach the beautiful lake of Tso Khar, this stunning journey is one of India’s best road trips.

After a literally breathtaking journey (the altitude here is high!) through snowy passes, glacial lakes and monasteries, travellers arrive in Leh.

ladakh, hemis, stunning, road trip, ladakh road trip, leh
A glimpse of the Hemis Festival, Ladakh

In Leh, there’s the opportunity to explore culture, nature and the wonders of the colourful monastic festivals performed by the Lamas themselves while exploring the surrounding monasteries and forts. If you happen to visit Ladakh in the summer try your best to align your holiday with the Hemis Festival. The festival commemorates the birth of the revered Guru Padmasambhava who is said to have brought the tantric form of Buddhism to the Himalayan kingdom. Every 12th year, known as the Tibetan year of the Monkey, the Hemis Festival dons an even more festive and auspicious look.

Other highlights include Nubra Valley, the world’s highest road Khardung La, Tsomoriri Lake and more.

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3) The Jungle Book Holiday

The inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel ‘The Jungle Book’, Kanha National Park has a high concentration of tigers as well as other rare species. Under the calm backdrop of the Maikal Hills, you can spot tigers, migratory birds, Barasingha and Nilgai. You can also sight the spotted deer, sloth bears, langur (monkeys) and the unusual guar.

Avid wildlife enthusiasts can go for a safari twice a day to increase your chances of spotting the animals – a little extra time in the midst of nature doesn’t hurt now, does it?

This journey doesn’t just celebrate Kanha but also covers two other world-class national parks – Bandhavgarh and Pench. And what better way to round off all that wildlife spotting? Mix in a bit of heritage and culture. Travellers also get an in-depth insight into Delhi, Shimla, Mumbai and more!

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The star of the Jungle Book journey

4) South Indian Extravaganza

A cruising holiday like no other this is a journey filled with a series of breathtaking experiences for the discerning traveller. The most important parts to cover while travelling across South India are TelanganaKerala, MysoreKochiPuducherry and Hampi.

Expect total immersion in the living cultures of Southern India. Travellers should make sure they start their holidays with the famous temples of South India famous for their elaborate carvings and architectural styles.

God’s Own Country – Kerala

An absolute highlight is gliding through the backwaters of Kerala – God’s Own Country. Try to align your journey with one the incredible festivals of the south.

Kerala has an extensive network of waterways that lace the interior coastline, almost along the entire stretch of around 600kms.

houseboat, russell brand, river cruise, kerala
Get aboard a luxurious houseboat for memories of a lifetime

This labyrinthine network of rivers, canals, streams and lagoons formed by the inimitable craftsmanship of nature is known as the backwaters and these water bodies give life to the unique ecosystem of the region. Gear yourself for picturesque views of coconut trees, local life and stunning landscapes. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature on private houseboats.

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5) India Through Her Textiles – Go Gujarat

Gujarat, Textiles, Crafting in Gujarat, Gujarat Arts and Crafts,
Locals embrace the textiles just as much as travellers

“Aavo Padharo” – the warm and welcoming phrase with which Gujarat welcomes travellers.

This is a one-of-a-kind journey where travellers experience the story of Gujarat as told by its myriad of textiles. A rich blend of art, handicrafts, traditions, and natural beauty Gujarat is truly unique. It is also ideal for a vacation with its calming beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts, and natural beauty.

The state is deeply committed to art and crafts and this passion manifests itself in the festivals and traditional attire of the state. One of the iconic festivals that everyone instantly identifies with Gujarat is Navratri. The celebration is marked with their traditional dance “Garba” where dancers wear specific Garba attire that incorporates traditional textiles and patterns.

Each community in Gujarat has its own unique style of designs for weaving, dyeing, and printing. Here, we present a glimpse of just a few of these incredible villages and their various forms of crafts and arts.

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