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Five Tips to Stay Fit on a Trip

Going on a trip should not translate to mean that your fitness plans go completely out of shape. Travelling is the time when we can lose all that we’ve gained , in terms of fitness, and actually gain all that (weight) we’ve lost.

In fact with little planning, travellers can easily incorporate some kind of fitness regime into their itineraries and make sure they come back with a healthy body and mind.


First and foremost go through your travel plans and explore your fitness options. Your hotel should, in all likelihood , have a fitness center with facilities you can choose from. Swimming pools at hotels are a good choice as well.


Good old fashioned walking is one exercise that can be done anywhere . So whether it’s simply walking around at the airports while waiting for your flights or using the stairs instead of the elevator just choose to be on the go. If nothing else carry a skipping rope with you and skip your way to good health.


Combine fitness with fun and check out sightseeing or a hiking trail somewhere close to your hotel. You might just have a joggers park near your place. Ask at the hotel for places closeby that you can visit in your spare time. Nothing like experiencing the city on foot and soaking in the local flavours.


Be sure to eat right. Binging on vacations is a sure shot way to let your fitness fly out of the window. While occasional indulgence is alright, make healthy choices as often as possible. Stock the fridge in your room with healthy snacks , fruits and yogurt.


Wake up early and start your day with a plan that suits you. Be it yoga , meditation, walking or exercises. A healthy mind and body go together and nothing like starting your day on a positive note.

The thumb rule is to keep it simple and stay committed. Eating right, exercising and the correct attitude is what is going to see you achieve your fitness goals.

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