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Wayanad Wild – A Magical Forest Getaway

Wayanad Wild is the newest entrant into the CGH Earth collection of properties. This is a company known for taking the path less trodden and Wayanad Wild exemplifies everything it stands for.



Located in the rainforests of Lakkidi, the property offers a lush green glimpse into the many charms of northern Kerala. Lakkidi is one of the highest points in Wayanad and is known as the gateway to the district. Here, you’ll be surrounded by high mountain peaks, bubbling streams and lush vegetation. Lakkidi has extremely rich biodiversity area and is home to a number of bird and mammal species including some extremely rare ones. The village allows you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful southern valley and road trip through this area will leave you spellbound. In short, the Wayanad Wild magic starts before you get there.



Wayanad Wild is a resort built to provide an exclusive luxurious adventure in the forest. There are 12 spacious cottages here and each is well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities, and a jungle peeping in from your window. The outdoor pool offers a stunning view of the forest, while the restaurant dishes out authentic cuisine made from local produce.


The resort has been designed to be family-friendly. Activities for children include light treks in the woods, hiking to nearby by hillocks, zip-lining, bamboo rafting in the river and an informative tour of the neighbouring tea factory. The swimming pool and recreational area ensure that your kids are well and truly occupied, constructive at that, during their stay here.

As far as other activities go, the resort offers plenty of treks to nearby areas with their in-house naturalists. Jeep safaris can also be organised. Avid birdwatchers will be thrilled with the canopy that offers abundant views of the rich bird life.









To sum it all up, if you’re craving a relaxing, unique and luxurious holiday in the midst of a verdant jungle – Wayanad Wild and you will be very happy together.

For more details on the property visit the Wayanad Wild website by clicking here.

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