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Win a Free Holiday !

Win a Free Luxury Holiday for 2 in 2 Easy Steps

ANNOUNCING: The ‪#‎FHPerfectGetaway Contest.

1) Simply tell us your idea of a Perfect Getaway and

2) We’ll whisk 1 lucky winner and a plus one off for a perfect getaway Far Horizon style (think sunsets from swimming pools and decadent meals, all included).

Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba, Rajasthan
Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba, Rajasthan

The property we’ll whisk you away to is our very own Dera Dune Retreat: Recommended by Conde Nast Traveller it is a blissful oasis in the middle of the dunes of Rajasthan.

What you get: Free accommodation for 2 persons in one double room, including meals, local desert transfer by 4WD and one desert safari.

Tag your answers #FHPerfectGetaway and wait for the results.

Contest ends 10th October 2015!


UPDATE: This contest has now come to a close. The winner has been announced on Facebook.


  1. ” Perfect Getaway ” means To explore your dream in a living way , when you break down your all stress at a place and you feel the best moment of you life with you love ones…and you collect and preserve the smile for you old age time to enjoy .

  2. A Perfect idea of getaway for me is to “Lost your soul in serene experience of nature with fullest. It could enjoy solo or with loved ones with complimented by perfect hospitality, culninary & cultural experience. ” An unforgettable memories to cherish your life ever and ever”.

    Yes, I meant Far Horizon style. One of my perfect getaway wishlist is due with “Mahabaahu”. 🙂

  3. My idea of a perfect getaway is just what the name suggests…a get away….a get away from the daily mundane routines and madness; a get away from the stress, the pressure, the rat race that becomes corporate life. a get away from to-do lists, grocery shopping, paying bills and EMIs, dusting, cleaning, washing….it’s a get away from mundaneness of reality. It’s a get away from the regrets of past and worries of future. Get away, is an opportunity to savour every moment that passes by, enjoying its essence without guilt. It is the expectation of waiting for a sunrise like a forlorn lover, with no care in the world. It is the joy of watching a sunset without having to hurry or worry about being late. It’s allowing the desert breeze to caress your face and play with your hair. It is enjoying every mouthful of delicious food prepared just for you. It’s warming yourself at the bonfire and being mesmerised by the performances of talented performers. It is getting into a chatting with a one of the locals and learning about the stories and history that makes a place unique. It is being awed by monuments that stand with their heads held high since centuries. It is being amazed by the trinkets skillful artisans pour themselves into. It is the opportunity to switch off technology and enjoying the moment. It is the stories we will trade over many cups of tea over many years to come and the pictures we will cherish forever. It is the memories that will be never forgotten. #FHPerfectGetaway

  4. ‪#‎FHPerfectGetaway
    An ideal getaway should be really far away from this ever bustling city of mine that is Mumbai. A trip which can take me to the ancient attractions of Rajasthan that has been India’s glory with the culture and heritage and that would be wonderful in Far Horizon Style. 🙂

  5. #FHPerfectGetAway
    To me an ideal getaway means Peace and Tranquillity combined with famous sights and great entertainment just like Far Horizon Style. A comfortable and safe place to stay is also essential for a perfect trip.

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