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A Home Away from Home – Chanoud Garh Heritage Homestay

The grand entrance at the Chanoud Garh Heritage hotel awaits your arrival to welcome you to the world of royals.

77 km away from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, is a small town called Pali. A place, where everywhere you look, you see the wooded Aravalli mountains and colourfully dressed people. The people are friendly and within a few minutes of conversation, you’ll realise they are just as vibrant as their culture. Amidst the colourful views stands the medieval Haveli of Chanoud Garh, a testament to power and royalty, yet it humbly invites you in for an experience of a lifetime.



Chanoud Garh Hotel in Pali is a 300-year-old building that makes all your palatial dreams come true. Commissioned by Thakur Anoop Singh Ji as his official residence and 13 generations later, Chanoudgarh still houses his descendants. This is a heritage property that offers you the best hospitality in Jodhpur.




Seven rooms are available in this elaborate palace, adorned with antiques. All the rooms are well-equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioning and plenty of light, which is masked gracefully with the vintage decor. Sleep in the soft sheets of the king size bed and wake up to the sun streaming in through the tinted windows.

Marvel at the wall carvings, reliefs and frescoes, which still manages to retain their beauty despite the changing time. Witness the delicate stone filigree Jharokhas, the marble-pillared corridors, the grand Durbars, and the winding doorways leading to the courtyards or luscious lawns. The strong colonial and local influence in the rooms of the homestay; whispers the small snippets of history.



Dining at the Chanoud Garh comprises of much more than a delicious meal. As a tradition, they present meals with live entertainment. The palace kitchen takes great pains in ensuring every meal is authentic and befitting royalty. Taste some of the finest dishes and delicacies from the Rajasthani cuisine at this homestay of the Pali region.

Every night is an exciting experience at the Chanoud Garh dining hall; especially when you could be sharing a table with the current royal, Thakur Ajeet Singh Ji. Enjoy your meal with fascinating conversation and first-hand stories of the old charismatic building.



Take a safari to the village on a jeep or a camel and experience the culture up close while you interact with the locals and feel the warm hospitality that is engrained in the people of Rajasthan. While you walk around the village, shop for some souvenirs for your loved ones back home for them to experience the royalty of Rajasthan.

Sit back and relax at the Chanoud Lake, while you catch the orange sun, setting behind the Aravali range. Or perhaps take a jeep down to the salt plains for the day and see the expanse of salt being formed naturally on the coastline.

Come and experience the way royals live and maintain their lifestyle. Rejuvenate like kings while feeling at home. Once you stay at Chanoud Garh, it becomes a home away from home. Breathe the fresh air of the countryside and feel the wind in your hair while you gaze at the mountains and trees while sipping your cup of coffee.

Does Chanoud Garh sound appealing to you? It should! If you need help with the planning, give us a call or drop an email.


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