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Amazing Activities On Board & Off Board the MV Mahabaahu

The hills and mountains, wildlife and verdant valleys, the deep waterways and lush green land, the vast variety of fauna and endless natural sights – this is the rich land of Assam. There is no more perfect vacation destination for nature lover and intrepid traveller.

Brahmaputra River is an awe-inspiring expanse and network of water that nourishes the entire state. Cruising these waters is the MV Mahabaahu River Cruise, a luxury cruise between Jorhat and Guwahati sampling culture and wildlife along the way. This cruise ship has reinvented Assam’s tourism like nothing before.

You can have a long week stay, a 5-day adventure or a quick 2-night 3-day getaway. With each step of the journey, you will experience the best of Assam’s culture, traditions, scenery, cuisine, and its vibrant nature, all in one place!

From an ancient taste of Assam to modern, this 5-star rated ship cruise brings to you the most lavish luxuries and cultural highlights.

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