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The Nagaur Festival of Rajasthan

Nagaur Festival Puppets

The most notable thing to watch in the festivals of Rajasthan is the local people in their traditional multihued attire, particularly the women. Nagaur Festival of Rajasthan every year succeeds in beckoning a large number of tourists who come and be a part of these festivals. The most notable things to watch in this festival is two lakh ten thousand animals including horses, cows, bullocks, oxen and camels are gathered at the cattle fair for the purpose of trade. Nagaur Festival, Nagaur is held in the captivating Rajput town of Nagaur and this festival is also known as cattle fair. This fair proudly boasts of being the second largest fair in India.


  1. A true marvel set very near to the heart of the country, Rajasthan- the land of the rulers. There is a lot to explore and the adventure rides across the state are ones that one should experience at least once in a lifetime.And here at rajasthan every festival celebrates like a grand wedding !

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