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The Nagaur Festival of Rajasthan

Nagaur Festival Puppets

Nagaur is a small town on the edge of the vast Thar desert and as far as the eye can see, the landscape undulates with varying shades of yellow, whether you’re gazing at the multitude of temples and forts or taking in the desert. 

For being a small, indiscernible dot on the map, Nagaur commands a lot of respect for its temples steeped in mythological sculptures and reliefs on faded brick walls. And the forts, with their colossal spiked gates, don’t linger too far behind.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to the quintessentially Rajasthani Nagaur Festival.

The Cattle Festival

The cattle festival is the showstopper at the Nagaur Festival.

Camels, horses, and bullocks adorned in clothing, jewellery, and art mark that the festivities have begun. Herders from across Rajasthan and beyond await this eight day event where they bring their cattle for sale.

Nagaur Cattle Festival

This event, the second largest of its kind, is held either in January or February every year. 

With the lavishly decorated cattle, music and dance performances, crazy races and other competitions, the festive spirit is soaring and palpable at the event!


Mirchi Bazaar

Another major attraction is the Mirchi Bazaar and it’s an image
so often associated with Rajasthan. Mirchi Bazaar

Piles of red chillies towering through the stalls and their aroma fills the air. The Mirchi Bazaar is specific to red chillies as they are a staple in majority of Rajasthani households.


A festival in Rajasthan is incomplete without the state’s famous handicrafts.

A plethora of stalls can be found with multitude of wood and iron work, and leather bags and accessories.

Various wood work frames and furniture with authentic miniature paintings are available along with iron jewellery which is again a staple of most women in the region. Good bargains can be sought after a slight haggle.


There’s no lack of entertainment at the Nagaur Festival because games such as tug of war, camel races and cock fights keep visitors amused all day.

Moreover, the age-old tradition of puppetry still remains a popular entertainment in the region and keeps children pleasantly occupied!

Nagaur Festival Puppets

As the sun sets and the bidding and haggling come to a close, the spaces around you start resounding with the folk music that strums through.

While Jodhpuri singers string along a melody to attract visitors, the dancers accompany the heady rhythms.

Sufi Festival

If you happen to be travelling across Rajasthan and stop over at Nagaur next year, then be sure to catch the Sufi festival being held at the Nagaur Fort from 12th-15th February, 2018. Nagaur Sufi Festival

The Sufi festival is an immersive experience with soulful music and dance and an attempt to connect listeners to the divine.

Here, you’ll feel the drums of the Gairs, the melody of the Mongolians, and the power of the Rajasthani. The Nagaur Festival has something for everyone, whether you travel alone or in a group, you ought to be entertained and leave with a lifetime of memories.

Travel with Far Horizon and experience Nagaur and Rajasthan like never done before. If you’ve got questions for us, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.


  1. A true marvel set very near to the heart of the country, Rajasthan- the land of the rulers. There is a lot to explore and the adventure rides across the state are ones that one should experience at least once in a lifetime.And here at rajasthan every festival celebrates like a grand wedding !

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